Meet Our Founder: Vanessa


Vanessa Miglis

As a girl, Vanessa loved flowers. She was drawn to the way they could make people feel, and the emotion they evoked.

At age 16, Vanessa’s opened up her own floristry business. With a passion for design, Vanessa created what she would like to receive, imparting a personal touch and warmth into every creation. From small posies to extravagant centrepieces and flower walls, Vanessa’s practice has always been driven by a genuine emotional connection to her work.

In the years since, she has opened - and help to open - numerous floristry businesses, ranging from retailers to event specialists.

As a mum of three beautiful children, Vanessa’s day-to-day life can be hectic! You’ll often find her working her magic in the early hours of the morning, before the sun rises. It’s during these quiet moments that she indulges in creativity, allowing her sensitivity to flourish.

Vanessa is passionate about her industry. With Adelaide Floristry School, she is committing to sharing her years of valuable experience and helping others. Her workshops and training courses allow others to express their inner creativity, and fall in love with flowers.